Cracked and damaged  brickwork

Cracked and damaged brickwork

These columns had cracked and damaged brickwork caused by expanding corroded steel, embedded in the brick work above the entryway to the church. A small piece fell down on a member of the congregation, which alerted the church to the danger.

We were able to take the columns down successfully, and rebuild them, allowing the entryway to be used safely again.

If you have cracked and damaged brickwork, it needs to be stabilized. Specialized Masonry Restoration, McKinney, Texas, are experts at installing specialized wall anchors that stabilize brick.

Have you checked your building for cracked and damaged brickwork lately?

Historic Restoration in Windom, Texas

Historic Restoration in Windom, Texas

Historic restoration is vital to preserve America’s heritage! A group of historic masonry experts, led by Alan Pettingale of Specialized Masonry Restoration, Mckinney, Texas, restored the front wall of this historic bank. With new hand cut stone sills and new lintels were installed and new brickwork was replaced using the original stone footings surrounding the main entrance. New front windows were also installed. The owner gutted much of the interior, removing some modern upgrades, with plans to restore it as closely as possible to the original structure. The most fascinating interior bank vault still contains a huge safe that remains locked, and the combination has been lost over the years. The contents remain a mystery but the owner hopes to find a safe expert who can open it.

Those in Windom regularly enjoyed seeing the restoration, which of course has seen its ups and downs, some weather related. Historic restoration requires sympathetic knowledge and repair techniques.