Our Services

Alan Pettingale offers repairs to selective Historic/Commercial/ Residential projects. Including:

  • Complete Re-pointing service: Removal of the old and damaged mortar and Re-pointing using lime or Portland mortar. Matching as close as commercially possible using the correct colour mix of the original mortar.
  • Brick repair: Removal of complete areas of damaged brickwork both common or ornate and re-built with matching brickwork to the exact design of the original masonry.
  • Brick and stone lintel replacement: Removal of failed and damaged brick, stone and steel lintels above openings and replacement, with new units and associated masonry works.
  • Existing Cavity wall tie replacement: using new stainless-steel anchors to replace old corroded ones to stabilize the masonry veneer.
  • Lateral restraint anchors installation: Alan Pettingale can offer this highly specialized complete installation of Lateral restraint anchors to restrain facade movement on historic buildings (see Alan’s white paper on this subject) 

Alan Pettingale also works with Historic property owners or their management teams including their Architects, Structural Engineers, Designers and offers:

  • Creating detailed reports: on your buildings masonry condition so as to find the best way forward.
  • Cost effective: repair strategies on existing masonry damage.
  • Designing custom maintenance: and repair programs for a wide range of masonry and stone problems.
  • Onsite inspections: offering non-destructive and destructive testing using endoscopes’ metal detectors and thermal cameras. Removal of individual bricks for inspection behind the masonry for any cavity damage and replace the removed units with colour-matched mortar after the inspection.
  • Education & training: Alan can offer your team both education and training, highlighting the pros and cons of undertaking any historical masonry project. This can include the management professionals or your contractor team.

Alan also offers a repair service to cover all the common masonry problems to your private residential home including.

  • Brick repair: Brick, Stone and mortar repair to both historical and more modern buildings.
  • Masonry crack repair: using custom and established crack repair systems.
  • Arch repair: Brick and stone crack repair or complete removal and replacement to damaged and failed arches.
  • Brick cleaning service: Cleaning of stained historic brick and stone leaving it clean and presentable.

Please note we do not offer foundation repairs service; however, we can assist you where possible with all your masonry problems associated with foundation movement after the foundation repairs have been carried out by others.